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Acid the Dilo part 12

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Acid the Dilo part 12

It was a bright sunny day, when I opened my inventory and noticed a new pursuit. It was something about looking for a cave. I didn’t think much of it, it’s just a cave. So I thought that I could swing by this cave and complete the pursuit. Boy was I wrong! Acid, Spitfire, and I had to fight our way through the jungle; running into several scary creature. But it wasn’t too bad. When we finally got to the cave it didn’t look to impressive. Acid excitedly followed me into the cave. Spitfire, like always was a little bit slower and more hesitant. At first there wasn’t much going on. Granted the cave was creepy but we hadn’t run into anything yet. Then we came to the end of a long tunnel and it opened up into a large cave. A bit of sunlight filtered through and there was a huge lake! I looked around in awe, it was beautiful. Then I heard it. “Hissssss” that terrible sound echoed through the cave. Before I new in several huge snakes slithered down the rock walls on all sides. I let out a cry. I hate snakes! But before I new it they were on top of me. Striking me over and over again. I was bit several times before I could react. My screen began to darken. I could feel my legs becoming week beneath me. I was going to fall asleep. I didn’t know what to do! Faintly I could hear Acid and Spitfire fighting for their lives, but I couldn’t do anything about it. “Please be ok” I thought as I fell to the ground.

Part 13 coming soon!

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