Acid the Dilo part 8

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Acid the Dilo part 8

Acid and I hadn’t ran into trouble for sometime now. I was bored. Do I had the bright idea of taming another Dilo! Acid was so special to me and I decided that she deserved a mate. Acid was skeptical and tried to insist that she was happy with just me. But I was determined, so we set out to find one. We were traveling through a rocky area near the ocean when I spotted two male Dilos in the distance. Yes! I shot one with an arrow and Acid went to finish him off. The second I began to sling shot. I had just managed to nock him unconscious when Acid, still in a fighting frenzy accidentally took a swipe at him with her claws. Oops. He was already very low on health. Acid hung her head apologetically. “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry” she said quietly. I pursed my lips, slightly annoyed. Acid could be a little to eager to protect me sometimes. But she ment well. “It’s fine” I told her with a smile. Acid’s head popped back up and with a grin she said “He was ugly anyways.”

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