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Acid the Dilo part 4

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Acid the Dilo part 4

I respawned back at my base. I hurriedly leaped out of my door way and began sprinting back into the jungle. If Acid had killed a Dilo that means sheโ€™s in the pit fighting all of them! I run around for a minute lost and confused then I hear screeches and hisses coming from my right. As I begin running in that direction two more notifications pop up. Acid was still alive and slaying this dilos. I make it back and jump into the pit just as Acid takes out the last Dilo. I look at her completely stunned. How did she survive that, her health was only half down! You may be thinking โ€œyou probably pumped up her health a whole bunchโ€ and yes I did. But still 4 dilos! I look at her and smile. Maybe your more special then I thought. I collect my stuff and make my way out of the pit and back home with Acid not far behind.

And that was the first of many more adventures I would have with my beloved Acid.

Part 5 coming soon!

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