Acid the Dilo part 2

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Acid the Dilo part 2

Several days after my first encounter with a dilo I was working on building a base. It was small and simple and I hadnโ€™t gotten much done but hey! At least I had something to call home. I always carried some raw meet with me because I hadnโ€™t forgotten my promise and then I saw it. A grey Dilo in the distance walking around like she owned the place. I smiled, today was to day. I armed myself with a club and began to make my way towards the Dilo. Suddenly she saw me and rushed towards me. I dodged the her first fire but the second hit me and I was blinded. I gritted my teeth in frustration. I would have to fight through the venom. I swong at her again and again. Bashing her in the head, trying to nock her out. And finally I did it! The Dilo lay at my feet, defeated. I began to tame her, feeding her meat. But she wasnโ€™t alone. Suddenly another Dilo was on me clawing and scraping at me. I was to low on hp to waste time on trying to tame her. I hacked at her with an axe until she dropped, stone dead. I was barely alive, but I had done it. The other Dilo woke up at that moment, she was finally tamed. I looked into her dark green eyes and said... try killing me now. She had to earn that special place that she now holds in my heart.

Part 3 coming soon!

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