Ep 1

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Ep 1

Season 1

She heard a faint roar. The little Wyvern was so excited thinking the thought of seeing her parents that she never saw. A female lightning wyvern came in a rush zooming in the nest the baby Wyvern was cufused but asked "Mama?" The big female lightning Wyvern nodded fast. As the baby paid closer attention she saw her mother was in fear. Her mother picked her up and sprinted off flying. She was cufused but as she looked back at her home she was born in she saw big dragons and the wyverns she saw that where always giant in her vision was way smaller compared to the dragons. After awhile her mother sat her down and said looking up "please guide my daughter to live a good life..." A corrupted wyvern flew behind her mother the little wyvern hid in a small den like thing and was very low so nothing could see her. She saw her mother fighting viciously defending herself from multiple of the corrupted wyverns but a dragon landed and said "Stop! And hold that wyvern down!" But the corrupted wyverns couldn't her mother fought back. Then the dragon said "She won't be infected then.....kill her!" He pointed at the little dragons mother. And she was overwhelmed by to many corrupted wyverns and a dragon and sadly lost...

To Be Continued! Hope you liked it! :)

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