I just started on Ragnarok I was wondering got me a dodo…

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I just started on Ragnarok I was wondering got me a dodo, horse named it RedWood then got a unicorn leveled up I was wondering around and "OH NO" A giga wondered where I was but luckily everything was fine a while later I got a female horse named it princess and knocked out a parasaur with my level 213 unicorn and tamed it but then a one of these came an I accidentally tamed it I hated it because it took so many of my berries so I just let it starve on my shoulder until it ran out of food and died. Time skip a few days later I was fighting a turtle it cornered me I died my pegomastax killed it and a dilo then saved me from dieing to trikes but she died......I was kinda mad it died so I got a green and red one an named it Bff now me and my Bff do everything together I love him and we do everything together. She is living a good life now and when I'm not on I leave my 2 lightning wyverns with color mutations that are twins and level 300 to guard her and she kept those wyverns company when they where little so they are besties! (im on single player)

That's my story on how I went to hating pegomastax to loving then in a day. I hope this inspires you or aleast gives you a lesson on how you should base a dino from it is wild and it is tamed makes a big difference.

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