Ep 1

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Ep 1

Supposed to die

She hatched! Her mother screamed and Cleo came in he's allys mate and ally was the new born childs mother. Cleo said "What is i- What is that! She is hideous!" Ally say "......Wait! The queen will know what to do!" Cleo nods in agreement to do what the queen say they bring her to the queen. The queen say "oh my lord! And thats your guys child!?!? You guys are way prettier than that ugly and hideous thing!" Ally and Cleo say "what should we do queen?" The queen says "level that thing in the forest something will kill it" Cleo says "yes my queen" ally and Cleo leave her in the forest to die.............

1 like and I'll continue. Also thx for the person who liked the bloopers so I could make this series come true!

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