I will never forget.

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I will never forget..........my big mistake. I just got my new snow owl! I was so happy I wasn't ready to name him he was a low level when I got him he was only level 24. But I would never give up on him! I loved him tons even though he was low level and I just got him I would never stop loving him no matter what! We went to the Ragnarok trench he wasn't fast but I did get a lightning egg and my snow owl survived. After that I named him Invincible Snow. He survived a wyvern trench when he was level 24 so ya. I leveled him up and we went to tons of maps and got the other wyverns! But I left him for a minute and my giga I got got attacked and Invincible Snow was on passive. I thought oh its fine my giga can handle it. So I kept gathering stuff! But I messed up there. I was heading back and my giga had not killed the raptors because of his turn radius. The giga went rage I got Invincible Snow out though! But I went to Genesis. And I was spawned right next to a allo pack and carno pack I died but came back.......There was to many creatures allos,gigas,carnos but worse of all alpha Rex's 2 alphas Invincible Snow died but his death was not in vain he died saving me. He died but he went down with..bravery,strength most important......love

We all love you Invincible Snow you where great amazing I will never forget you!

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