Ep 2

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Ep 2

A new home and family

She looked around as she said "Wh-where am I?" She hears stomps loud and strong. The stomps came closer and closer she hid her eyes thinking if she can't see them they can't see her. They were reapers! They dropped metal and one of the pieces of metal dropped very close to her. She squeaked!the reapers look at her. She looks at them then she says "Stay back I will attack you, stay back!" A reaper said " What are you?" The other reapers smack the one who asked the question and says "How dumb are you Alfredo?! Thats a odd looking feather light, dummy!" Alfredo say " Well I'm sorry I'm dumb Corrupted! Either way what should we do with it I have never seen a tribe leave a child." Corrupted suggests " Lets take her home she is a fighter she was thrown out of her home and stood up to us we are way bigger than her" Alfredo nods and agrees they take her home. The queen and queen reapers say " What has she done to be in this tribe she is a feather light!" Corrupted says "She was thrown out and she just opened her eyes not to long ago also she did not hesitate to stand up against us." The king says "I agree to this she can help us her night color can help and she is a fighter a real one like you Corrupted." They take her in. This is her home now..........her family and she knows it


Thx for who left the likes so I could make this 2nd part! :D

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