Sapphire the brave,strong,cherished Spinosaurus

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Sapphire the brave,strong,cherished Spinosaurus

I just got Sapphire i was so happy! She was my first spino so I would never ever let her go. I got another spino lower level than her but it was a male and Sapphire was a female so I bred them and they had a child name indigo because her colors were indigo colors i bred them again because I was making a spino pack so I got twins! Me and Sapphire went hunting for meat we got some prime meat and normal meat I gave the food to all the carnivores I had and the twins. Me and Sapphire went hunting for prime meat we found mated brontos I simply killed them. We found allo pack but there was a Alpha Rex near but me and Sapphire didn't know. The Rex attacked and i got dismounted and the rex was about to attack and kill me but Sapphire attacked before it hit me they fought but then it appeared "Alpha rex level 72 killed killed Sapphire level 106" so I named one of the twins after her I named her Blue jem

Sapphire we love u tons we will all love and miss u! we cherish u and your strength and bravery u gave your life for the love u gave me! You family will be protected for the rest of there live!! I also got revenge on the alpha rex!

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