Ep 1

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Ep 1

Born to be ran out of home

She hatched! She squeaked but she was crazy! She had blood red feathers and a black under belly and black was on the tip of every blood red feather. Her mother screamed in terror of her colors. A mother came in to help her. The other mother said "Whats wrong mai? Did somethi- What are those blood horrifying colors!? We are supposed to be beautiful not scary!" They brought her to the queen. The queen said "How in the world is this horrifying child yours mai you have pretty purple and light blue with a tint of light green feathers!" Mai said " I don't know how she is mine! What shall we do queen?" The queen says " get her away from here leave her in the middle of the tribes a tribe will kill her and that......ugly thing will be gone" Mai and fall said "yes my queen" they left her in the middle of the tribes where no tribe rules they leave things that they don't need.

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