Phoenix i will never forgive myself.

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Phoenix i will never forgive myself. I got a jerboa it wast red and orange. So I named him Phoenix! I loved him tons I leveled him up alot and I mean alot he was at first level 13 but I leveled him up to level 252 yup it took so long but I leveled everything into health an stam. We helped each other tons he would hit some times or distract. We were getting a wyvern and he was setting on my shoulder as normal. We got the egg but my argentavis ran out of stam. I threw Phoenix off and pit im on passive flea but the wyverns followed him. I got there attention but they went back to Phoenix It was to late i took that egg and raised it and I swear Phoenix I know you aren't dead I will find you I promise! Ever since I killed wyverns with my wyvern and never tamed another jerboa.

Phoenix we will miss,love, you I will never give up on you I will find you I swear!

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