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Draconis tales chapter 9

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Draconis tales chapter 9

Obsidian Dodged a blast of boiling water, before whipping her tail at the head of a nearby ember, knocking it to the ground.

Nearby Magnetite was spinning in circles shooting lightning beams at a group of bloods, one of them fell unconscious to the ground and was soon eaten by a pack of hyaenodons,

But soon a tropical flew over blasting water, scalding his scales.

Obsidian saw an ember flying towards her, and bit it's wing membrane, ripping it and sending the wyvern spinning out of control, before stabbing a tropical through the left heart with her tail, cutting off a third of it's blood flow including all the muscles in it's left wing, unable to flap, it plummeted down.

But soon Magnetite was splashed with blood-venom and started to melt into nothing but a white skeleton.

Knowing she was beaten, Obsidian started flying as fast as possible to drake mountain, her wing muscles were straining,

But somehow after a few hours, she managed to get there.

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