Draconis tales chapter 2

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Draconis tales chapter 2

Her eyes opened, she saw nothing though, she tried moving her wing, and found herself trapped in a tiny oval space. She tried scratching at the shell with her wing talons, no luck, then she tried slapping the eggshell with her tail, still it wouldn't break, she tried headbutting it with her horns, then growing impatient with the hard eggshell, she instinctively contracted her stomach, forcing hydrogen and methane up into her flame sac, then, shutting off her windpipe, she inhaled into the flame sac, then blew out of it and with a scrape of her back fangs together created a spark that lit the current of flammable gas coming up her throat, and a torrent of flames shot out of her mouth, blasting the eggshell apart.

She crawled out and saw two large wyverns, both with the same black scales, her parents, she knew, as any wyvling knows, wasting no time she started to eat what was left of her eggshell, "Hello, Obsidian" one of the wyverns said to her.

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