Live Or Die

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Live Or Die

Chapter 12: Bob, King Of The Beaches

Although I was still injured, Me and Harvey set out on Dagger and Master to find some other tribes to help us. Bob insisted on coming so I carried him with me. We all needed an emotional support Bob. We trotted though the jungle, forests, plains until finally arriving on one of the beaches. We found our first hint of human civilisation when Master took an interest in some warm human feces. Gross. Turn round the corner and there is a whole village of people in thatch houses and clothes similar to the ones Ruby made me when we first met. There were hundreds of them, some shirtless and all of them jacked. They had this… ‘Tribal meeting’ when we arrived, and it was around a massive fire with a load of dilos cooking on a spit above it. We approached with caution.

They were all laughing and happy when we first saw them, but when they noticed us spears and bows and slingshots and clubs were raised to attack us. We put our hands up, and Bob squarked in panic. Hearing this squark, they seemed to lower their weapons and slowly creep up to us.

“We come in peace.” I said.

“Who are you?” One asked. “Are you with that ‘Empire’?” They said in a mocking voice.

“Never!” Harvey responded, hate in his eyes.

“Is the dodo with you?” They asked.

“Uh… Yes. He is.” When I told them this, they put away their weapons and welcomed us like old friends.

“My friend! We would love to welcome you to our group.”

After being escorted into their village, I noticed how they had made it a dodo haven. Dodos were everywhere- on the houses, in the houses, wherever you looked really. “You see, we hunt the beasts that hunt the dodos, and feed the dodos. They are sacred to us. It is our tribe’s duty to protect the dodos.” I looked at Harvey, and Harvey looked at me. “So how did you become such good friends with this one?” The man asked, stroking Bob lovingly.

“Well… It isn’t dodo-friendly…” They gave me a quizzical look but asked me to continue anyway. “Well, he wouldn’t leave me alone so I kind of beat him unconcious and fed him… When he woke up, he was like a well-trained melodramatic dog.” They gave me a disturbed look but after thinking it over, accepted the idea. Then Harvey moved the conversation towards trading. After a lengthy discussion, they told us about red berries and the ‘tranquim’ (that they called narcotic) mixed together making a healing juice. Harvey acknowledged this, and said that now we know how to make it we must be back to our wounded. They thanked us before we left.

“If ever you need an ally, we will be here for you.”

On our way back, we heard the unmistakable stomps from Retribution. We hid in a nearby crevice until he had passed, and I checked my quiver. I told Harvey to keep going, and that I would be back later- I had just found the solution to another one of our problems.

-Hope you liked it! A dodo-loving tribe. Next will be in Phoenix!!


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