Live Or Die

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Live Or Die

Chapter 1: All Battles Leave Scars

When I opened my eyes, I was covered in sand. I got up and looked around. I was on a beach, and past all the sand a dense layer of foliage obscured my view of the land in which I found myself. As I got up I noticed a kite-shaped hole in my wrist. I looked at it and saw a metal object implanted in my arm. I scratched and tore at it but it was firmly lodged in my wrist. That was a problem for another time. I took a look around again and I saw a berry bush. I went over and took a few that looked safe to eat and put them in my mouth. Probably a bad idea, but I didn’t die immediately and assumed they were edible. I took some with me and that’s when I realised that there was a plump little bird following me. It was eyeing up the berries in my hand, but I wasn’t the sharing type. All throughout the day and night it followed me around driving me crazy until I finally buckled and landed several punches into it, where it fell unconscious and I snapped out of my rage. I felt guilty, so I gathered more berries and put it beside it for when it woke. I then put a wall of rocks and pebbles to shield it. When dawn broke, it was outside the little hole in the rocks where I had decided to sleep. It then brought me berries- I took them and it followed me by my side. A few hours later we encountered a frilled bipedal lizard that came charging through the bushes towards us. There was a stick beside my feet and I got an idea.

I grabbed the branch that lay at my feet, and swung it menacingly around myself. The bird that was following me squawked and charged the lizard. It spat venom that blinded the bird, and I rushed in. I delivered several blows to the head, and I broke the stick over its head and grabbed its legs, where whilst it was disorientated I threw it into a nearby boulder, although it left an injury on my neck. A small scar would be formed there, but that wasn’t my concern. The beast recovered but was still in confusion, and I took the opportunity to smash another branch over its head, where it fell unconscious like the dodo. Now, before I had spotted a rotting corpse along the beach, and since the dodo was my friend after I fed it… I rushed back and took some meat from the corpse, and although it was rotting and disgusting it brought me another friend- the dinosaur. Now, I had a nerdy friend before all this who was obsessed with dinosaurs, and he said there was one like this called a… a dilof… a dilofo… nevermind. We trekked across the beach and I decided to string together some clothes from fibres. That’s when I found the tracks… human tracks.

-next one in diplocaulus, hope you liked =)

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