Guns n’ Rexes

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Guns n’ Rexes

Chapter 3: Scars Of The Past

Well, I did walk away from that village with one thing- a little trick I learned. If you mush black berries and rotted meat together, you make a green paste that tranquilises people AND dinosaurs. Dip your arrows in ‘em, hit a dino and its out cold. That’s how those people tamed theirs. So, that’s how we set off in the morning. To befriend a mount.

We looked for ages, but couldn’t find a horse and every Raptor we came across had the jump on us rather us havin’ the jump on them. Then we got the jump on some unsuspecting deer that was minding its own business- Jesse took the first shot, it ran away from him and straight into me, its tough and bony antlers picking me up as it ran away. I had no hope of tryna draw an arrow so I took out that paste and shoved it down the creature’s throat. Next morning I was practicing mounted archery on the back of a deer.

I named the deer Buck- I know it wasn’t the most creative name but it worked, and he was a fine mount indeed. Me and Jesse set off later that day to find someone to rob. We saw some folks, they passed by… Some travellers were too strong, some were too small and had nothing of value. When we finally found someone who looked muggable, that’s when he hit us. A blue, fiery explosion knocked me from the saddle- Winchester went wild, Buck fell over and Jesse broke his arm as a stranger, fast as the winds in the valley, rushed at me from the bushes. He was so fast you couldn’t see him coming- I brought my bow up to draw an arrow but he cut through my bow with a gleaming blue blade like a hot knife through butter. He was relentless, punchin’ the ground with such force that I thought he triggered an earthquake. He kept up his assault as I rolled to dodge a hit- grabbed an arrow and stabbed it into his side but the tip shattered and the shaft split against his impenetrable metallic armour. There was some kind of… ‘Visor’ between my face and his, and I looked him dead in that visor and we paused for a moment that fet like an eternity. I grabbed a second arrow and stabbed him again, hitting a kink in his armour that seemed to do a little damage. He drew back and ripped the shaft out, but the head was lodged firmly in the joint. Jesse shot an arrow that hit the opened gap, damaging him some more. He tried leaping in the air but an eruption of blue fire from his back followed by the sound of failing vents sent him tumbling to the ground, but still landing ever so gracefully as if he were a feather in the wind. He slashed at my face with his blade, and was gone as quickly as he came. His glowing armour still haunts me now, the blood red scar down my right cheek an ever-present reminder of him.

-I hope you enjoyed reading- some cowboys crossed with Ark. Last was in Direwolf, next in Trike!


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