Alright I’m back again, sorry if you’re tired of me, not sorry :P

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Alright I’m back again, sorry if you’re tired of me, not sorry :P

Lynx’s Tale

Chapter 7

It had been a year since the order of the wild had taken her in Zues and his mate, Ruby had taken good care of her, Zues and Ruby where to old to have children so they took her in as their own, her mother and brother still haven’t been found but in the meantime she had been training to lead the order of the wild, to defend herself, to fight, to hunt, to track, to plan, to take charge, and best of all how to scheme and be cunning...

Lynx had grown into a beautiful fully grown thyla with a healthy curiosity with the world and today she was going out on her first order of the wild mission ,recon, Lynx’s task was to come with a group of climbers to go and scope out the snow biome. Lynx had never been outside of the redwoods and she was very exited to explore but extremely nervous of messing up, but, either way she would do it... “Lynx!” Lynx!” “Lynx” “Get out of bed! It’s your big day!” Shouted Ruby as she jabbed Lynx trying to get her out of bed “okay! Okay! I’m getting up!” Shouted Lynx, slightly irritated “breakfast will be in the big cave” said Ruby as she walked out of Lynx’s part of the cave, probably to the main cave to prepare breakfast. Lynx quickly groomed herself then left her groom to go to the main cave. When Lynx arrived in the main cave their where 2 dead troodons on the cave floor, the only species that wouldn’t join the order of the wild therefore making good food for the carnivores “Where’s Zues?” Asked Lynx as she chewed on her troodon “he went early to where the recon group was supposed to meet” replied Ruby briskly “well I better get going then!” Said Lynx as she finished her troodon and licked her lips. Lynx ran out of the main cave, swam through the river, and ran to the bridge to meet up with the rest of the recon team and Zues. When Lynx arrived at the bridge she noticed Zues, Foliage, and some random thyla she didn’t know “ah, Lynx, you’ve arrived” said Zues politely (btw Foliage is a commander now, she is very elite and climbed the rankings fast also she is like an aunt to Lynx) “Lynx, this is Claw he is coming with us” said Foliage affermitivly but with a hint of gentleness, about the time Foliage finished talking two other thylas ran up “well now that Coryo and Hypno are here you we can go” said Foliage, annoyed “very well then, come back immediately if you find something” said Zues with a bit of worry in his voice as the recon group started running top speed through the fallen tree bridge, through the river, and towards the snow biome...

Btw Claw is grey Zues is grey with light blue stripes. Ruby is red

Coryo is white Hypno is a yellowish And Lynx looks exactly like the thyla in the picture for the thyla section on dododex

Anyway, keep being weird



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