Okay, I’m better now, no need to worry!

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Okay, I’m better now, no need to worry!

Rorin’s Story

Chapter 9

“R-Rorin what’s going on?” Asked Lynx “it’s complicated but your lucky I didn’t kill you” replied Rorin “um yeah thanks for that, does this mean you believe in the prophecy?!” Asked Lynx excitedly “what will you do if I say yes?” Asked Rorin skeptically “well I’d drag you on a mission to help us get some strong allies then I’d drag you AND then to collect the things the runes told us to get THEN, we’ll just have to see what happens next” said Lynx “alright come with me” said Rorin turning around signaling for his new pack to follow

Once they got back to the oasis the small group of wolves that they’d brought with him spread out to give the news while Rorin went with Lynx following (btw Lynx still has Feather on her back) to where Fang used to sit “so what do we need first?” Asked Rorin “well I think we should get the talons we need first, ive gained some intel and by talons it means wyvern claws, and, well, I’m still figuring out the rest said Lynx as Thunder walked up “Rorin” said Thunder “is there anything I could do to assist you?” “Um, yeah, I need you to send out packs to go hunting for EVERYONE I think you’ll agree starving is a dumb idea, and also I need you to answer a question, can any of you guys kill wyverns?” Asked Rorin “I’ll send out the packs right away, oh and taking down wyverns is easy, just sort the wolves into groups of 8-10 and then taking out a wyvern is easy, why? Do you need us to kill some?” Answered Thunder realizing he had just questioned his leader “its fine, I’m not as cruel as Fang. Yes I need you to kill some, we need 20 poison talons, Fire talons, and lightning talons and we can use the meat to feed everyone” replied Rorin. Thunder nodded “we’ll get on it right away”

I’m not honestly sure how many chapters this story is going to have, sometimes it feels like fifty and other times it feels like ten, I’m hoping to get to twelve or more (not fifty lol)



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