Okie doki, I’m WhiteWinterTiger and this Is...

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Okie doki, I’m WhiteWinterTiger and this Is...

Rorin’s Story

Chapter 1

“Come on Storm! He’s just a pup let’s take him in!” Argued Fluffy “No, you’re about to have puppies, we don’t need more mouths to feed” growled Storm “I don’t HAVE to be part of you “pack”” said Fluffy defiantly “fine” growled Storm before he went up and picked up the pup. Storm, Fluffy, and the pup walked and walked until they came to a cave “what should we name him?” Asked Fluffy, Storm growled, “well I wasn’t asking your opinion! I like Rorin” decided Fluffy with Rorin curled up against her stomach.

“Belle! Give me back the rock” yelped Rorin “No!” Argued Belle “kids! Come inside! It’s getting late” called Fluffy from the cave “Belle won’t give me the rock!” Yelped Rorin again “guys come on! We won’t get dinner if we’re late you know how dad is!” Growled Snow “fine!” Said Belle, dropping the rock. Rorin stopped to grab the rock while his sisters ran inside. Rorin pranced inside showing off the fact that he now had the rock “you’re late!” Growled a voice from behind Rorin. Rorin turned around slowly, dropping the rock, his ears drooping “d-dad I-I didn’t mean to be late! I-I was getting th-“ said Rorin, cut off “I told you not to call me that!” Growled Storm shoving Rorin with his front paw. Rorin ran to where they usually ate and sat down while Storm dropped some meat in the middle of everyone then dividing it, giving Rorin the least “c-could I have a little more” asked Rorin nervously “NO! You where late! When you’re late you don’t get food! You’re lucky you got any!” Yelled Storm “here Rorin” said Fluffy as she gave him her food “Fluffy! He doesn’t deserve that!” Growled Storm “you treat him poorly! He was barely late! Why can’t you be nice to him! He’s you’re son!” Argued Fluffy “he’s not my son! He’s adopted!” Finished Storm as he ripped of a piece of his share and gave it to Fluffy. The argument had left a bad feeling with everyone so they ate in silence. Later that night Rorin was asleep next to Fluffy, his sisters already asleep “mommy, why does Storm hate me?” Asked Rorin, Sad “well, it’s because your adopted, he’s always been grumpy, but don’t worry I’ll love you enough for both of us” said Fluffy, gently to Rorin, the thought soothed him to sleep.

(It’s been 2 years and now Rorin is almost fully grown) Rorin was out hunting in a group with his family, hoping to catch something good when they had tracked something into the open, and once they got to the clearing they didn’t see anything until 3 death worms popped out of the ground and started to chase Belle, Snow, and Rorin “Run!” Yelled Belle “Dont let them catch you!” Yelled Snow “Hang on kids! Me and your father are coming!” Called Fluffy with Storm on her heels.

Well that’s all for now folks,



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