They’re backkkkkkkk!

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They’re backkkkkkkk! (Btw I messed up six, it’s the one that starts with alright, let’s get into this, or something like that)

Ally’s Hope

Chapter 7

“Okay, so, who’s going hunting?” Asked Lynx as they settled down on a cliff with few animals near “I think me and Renegade should go since we have the murderous bird to look out for” replied Rorin sarcastically. “Hey! I’ve only ever killed a few bugs!” Defended Ally, “and besides, you said that I would tell Ally what a prophecy is” said Renegade, sneering, “Fine! Me and Lynx will go hunting, come on Lynx” yelled Rorin as he got up and stalked off. “Gotta go!” Called Lynx as she ran off after Rorin “so what’s a prophecy?” Asked Ally, turning to look at Renegade “oh, a prophecy is, well, it’s a foretelling of what’s to come” said Renegade as if he was all wise and knowing “so, it’s like telling the future” concluded Ally “yes, it’s...kind of like that” finished Renegade.

Lynx and Rorin returned with only two dilos, they looked sad, “what happened!?” Asked Renegade, a shocked look on his face, Lynx dropped her dilo “everything we found was...disgusting...and extremely aggressive, as if they where corrupted” responded Lynx, a questioning look on her face, Rorin had already dropped his dilo “we’ll share, I’m sure it’ll be enough, maybe the bird can help us find more tomorrow” said Rorin with a grunt. Ally was excited, maybe she could prove herself to Rorin! And he would stop being mean to her! Lynx shared with Ally and Rorin shared with Renegade. “We need to figure out what we need for this boss battle and what we’re fighting” said Renegade while chewing “I’m sure the argent can help with that” growled Rorin.

Ah! Sorry to cut this one short I will try to make the next one longer!



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