And here we are! The 5th story in the Prophecy of Six

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And here we are! The 5th story in the Prophecy of Six

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 1

She dug through the snow, and then through the dirt. Her hands were a bit scratched up. Then, she found it, she picked it up, she could feel the hum, hear the whispers. Ferra lifted it up, and just like a candy bar, she bit into it. Ferra grew to five times her size, she had more muscle, her eyes where glowing purple, she had more energy. Ferra ran off. Ferra found a lone Daedon, what are rare treat! Daedons are usually in packs so they’re hard to beat but finding one alone means your extremely lucky and your also going to love your dinner because nothing beats pork, well, except element. Ferra ran over to the Daedon and ripped it in two, then, dragged it back to her little hole in a cliff wall. Ferra ate her Daedon hungrily, and about the time she was done, she felt it slip away. The power, from the element, was leaving her body, she would have to wait till tomorrow if she wanted more, but, she would be fine for a while, a whole Daedon will give her little body energy for a long time. Now, in her small form, Ferra went into her little hole that you’d have to be very small to fit in, she curled up, and went to sleep.

That’s the end of chapter one,



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