I hope you guys enjoy this!

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I hope you guys enjoy this!

Ally’s Hope

Chapter 1

“Faromar! Could you tell me a story?” Called Ally from her small pedestal “no need to shout! Fine, just one! I have napping to get done” replied Faromar the old anky “it was long ago, we lived on and island, in the center, giant trees that where red and nearly touched the sky, we lived happily on our little mountain in the center of the giant trees. We could defeat rexs, alpha raptors, carnos, and so much more! We where unstoppable, it was just me, my mate, and my son. One day we where minding our own business, having lunch, when out of no where I heard my mate scream, she was gushing blood, and collapsed. I called my wife’s name, but she did not respond, my son who was an adult by the way, was trying to fight the tears, but, that’s when we saw them emerge from the trees. The humans! I told my son to run, but he reasoned with me that our species isn’t fast enough to outrun them and that we would have to fight them together. We tried, we tried so hard, but even though we tried so hard, the humans got my son, he was dead. I collapsed at the death of my son, they shot me with there guns, but all it did was make me sleepy. When I woke up, the humans owned me, and not long after they brought me here, to the stupid wasteland! They don’t even take me out anymore! I just sit here growing old!...” Rambled Faromar. “Okay! Thanks for the story!” Said Ally knowing he would just keep going on about it. Ally, Faromar, and many others where owned by their tribe, some tamed, some bred, Ally was bred into the tribe and had always wanted to be wild and free and see the world, but the humans would not let her go out because she was to pretty, that’s why they kept her on a pedestal near their biggest house. Ally was white with gold feather tips and legs. “Mom, Dad, could you guys tell me a story?!” Yelled Ally from her pedestal, the humans put her here, she was not aloud to move, but they usually kept her mother and father near since they where the humans favorite for riding. “Hush! Ignorant child! The humans are coming and their deciding who to take with them” yelled Snow, Ally’s mother. Ally’s mother and father say that they don’t remember anything before waking up with the humans having tamed them, feeling fiercely loyal, more than some, they despise the fact that she wants to be wild, and especially the fact that she exsists, they where happy to help the humans make the prettiest argent, but they did not care about her other wise, only her father did on the small occasion, the humans usually took him out so he wasn’t around often. “Mines coming!” Called Phoenix, her father, excitedly “Phoenix! Come here boy! We’re gonna go see if we can find Neon a pretty mate today!” Yelped the female human excitedly as she came up and touched foreheads with Phoenix “Lol, do you mind if I use Snow? I know she’s yours but Feathers(not feather from the previous series) died and I don’t have any backup argents at the moment” asked the other female human “you kill your argents to much! You need to stop being foolish when you ride them! I’ll let you ride Snow, Silver, but if you get her killed she won’t be the only one dead” replied Lol “fine, come on, let’s go” demanded Silver as she got on Snow. Neon was a neon green and blue eqqus, they’ve been trying to get him a mate for a long time. Lol jumped on Phoenix and they flew off “maybe they’ll teach me to fly one day!” Said Ally excitedly, watching them fly off “shut your mouth! Some of us are trying to sleep!” Yelled someone from further away “sorry mister!” Replied Ally to the unknown creature who yelled at her

Neon was an actual eqqus from my ark game, so was Phoenix and Snow. Thank you HollyDragon for the name Foromar, I accidentally changed the first O to a A so it’s I bit different


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