Hewo! Yes manticore, I have read your posts in the dyes and I responded

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Hewo! Yes manticore, I have read your posts in the dyes and I responded

Renegades Shadow

Chapter 11

Renegade jumped on a large rock as the tribe starred in shock. “I know you all think I betrayed the tribe, but that is a lie made by Vengeance in attempt to become leader, then, later he and an accomplice poisoned the king, the accomplice hoping to gain leadership after killing Vengeance, how, how you may ask, how will I prove this, well the answer is simple, Andrea come here” called Renegade from atop the rock. Andrea stepped forward in shock as the crowd moved away from her, Andrea joined Renegade atop the rock “tell them, I will not stand for your lies” whispered Renegade, Andrea was terrified, she had seen what Renegade was capable of, she did not want today to be her last “V-V, Me and Vengeance lied to you, Vengeance and I both wanted to rule, the plan was to lie to you all, then poison the king so Vengeance could rule, and after about a year, I-I was planning on poisoning Vengeance so I could rule, I-I’m sorry, please forgive me, banish me if that’s what you want” Andrea bowed her head in shame, she did not expect what was coming next, “Andrea, sister, I know your rights were taken away from you the moment you where born, mother only wished for you to rightfully rule, but new father would not allow it, now that I am ruler I will change that law, if the oldest child of the previous ruler is female she will still be able to lead, there will be no punishment this time Andrea, rise” finished Renegade with a calm smile in his face, Andrea got up, smiling.

It had been about a week and they already had all the artifacts, the alpha basilisk fang, and the eight basilisk scales, claw, but they still needed nameless venom, reaper pheromones, rock drake feathers, an alpha reaper king barb, and now, Renegade was sending Rorin and a large team of Ravagers to get the alpha karkinos claw.

The alpha karkinos had been spotted, Rorin and his team where perched on a cliff, watching it when the whole cave started to shake, earthquake, thought Rorin. Rorin hurtled a clinking sound and turned around, a weird human concoction, I think Feather called it a medical brew remembered Rorin as he picked it up and stored it in a log so he could come back for it. Rorin sent one of the ravagers to lure the alpha karkinos to the cliff where the rest of them jumped onto its back and clawed it to death. Rorin carried the medical brew while four of the ravagers in his team carried the claw.

Rorin and the team returned with the claw, Renegade thanked Rorin and the rest of the team, Rorin finally starting to warm up to Renegade. All of a sudden Feather came flying in as fast as possible “Renegade! There’s something wrong with Lynx!” Called Feather “take us to her!” Yelled Renegade, Rorin following with the medical brew still in his mouth. Feather led Rorin and Ren to where Lynx was laying, moaning, with Ceilia beside her. Just then Lynx let out a loud hiss and her stomach exploded with a little creature bursting out of it, the little creature tried to attack Lynx but Renegade jumped on top of the little creature. “Ceilia! Here! I found a medical brew!” Called Rorin as Ceilia grabbed the medical brew in her talons and gave it to Lynx, her injury from whatever that just was, healing almost instantly. “What is that!?” Growled Rorin “I’ve only heard of it...” mumbled Feather “tell them” whispered Ceilia “I-it’s a reaper king, there’s this legend that if a reaper queen stabs you in the stomach when she’s close to death, you’ll be impregnated, I didn’t think it was real” said Feather, anxious “should we kill it?” Asked Renegade, still on top of the baby reaper king “No! Wait” said Lynx, weakly, as she got up, barely able to stand, she walked over to it and touched noses with it, it calmed down instantly “did you just imprint on it!?” Question Rorin “um, I think so” replied Lynx, dazed. Renegade got up slowly from on top of the baby reaper king, it shot towards Lynx, faster than anyone could stop it, and, hugged her leg? “What are you gonna call it? It clearly not going to hurt you” asked Ceilia “um, how about Stalker?” Replied Lynx “oh yeah sure let’s just keep AND name the creature that just exploded out of and nearly killed Lynx” said Rorin sarcastically “Rorin, hush!” Growled Renegade, leaving Rorin grumpy.

Stalker grew up quickly, in only a week, and I would do anything Lynx said and anything to protect her, he was nice to most people but for some reason would completely ignore Rorin, wonder why, wink wink.

Thank you for the name Stalker, Shadow, lol bet you didn’t expect me to use it this way,



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