I’m back once again

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I’m back once again

Ally’s Hope

Chapter 2

The humans where kind to her, but they hardly ever moved her and as much as she loved hearing stories from the older dinos, she wanted to see the wild. “Alright everyone! Me and Phoenix have brought food!” Called Lol as she dumped food in the trough. Lol, along with her sister Silver ran the tribe together with Lol being the leader even though she was the younger sibling. Lol and Silver mainly collected animals but Silver had recently convinced Lol to start doing boss battles. Just then an instinct, perhaps a setting, clicked and Ally half walked half tried to fly to the fence and she tried to go over it, but she could not fly since she was never taught how. “Everyone calm down! The defense units are dead now! Lol! Come help me put everyone back in their place!” Yelled Silver from one top of Snow “coming!” Replied Lol flying up behind Silver and Snow while on Phoenix, Lol landed in front of Ally and hopped off Phoenix. “Ugh! Ally! I must have accidentally whistled you to neutral earlier!” Said Lol as she put Ally back on her pedestal and changed her to passive flee accidentally, but that’s not all, Ally was now set to wander, Lol did not seem to notice as she ran out of the gate, leaving Phoenix, and went to go rearrange the dinosaurs. Ally’s eyes shined, she could see what it would be like being wild. Ally walked out of the gate to see where see would go.

Thanks for reading, I actually use Lol as my name in ark sometimes



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