So…this one is about the FLYING desert titan…will Ally finally fly? NOPE!

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So…this one is about the FLYING desert titan…will Ally finally fly? NOPE!

Ally’s Hope

Chapter 11

“The forest titan is amazing!” Called Lynx as the forest titan crushed a corrupted Rex, giving them the last corrupted heart they needed. “We should probably split up, me and Renegade will go get the Sarco skins and you guys can go with the titan to get fire wyvern talons” said Rorin “sounds good” replied Ally as the forest titan reached up and gently grabbed Ren and Rorin and put them on the ground. Renegade and Rorin ran off, while Lynx and Ally went to gather the talons.

They left the forest titan at the terminal, they where now in the desert biome with the desert titan. “How are we going to do this?” Asked Rorin as he gazed at the flying desert titan “well, the corruption is on top of each wing and one on the lower back” concluded Lynx. “We’ll get on top of it, all of us, we’ll wait till it gets close to one of the rock towers then we’ll jump onto its back.” Said Renegade just as a bolt of lightning went down where he had been standing, he had moved just before it hit him, Renegade smiled “I just figured out how to make this go quicker”. They waited, the wind ruffling there fur, blowing Ally’s feathers, chilling Renegades skin, the desert titan moved close enough. They leaped, Ren and Lynx making it with ease, having to help Rorin who only barley made it, Ally managed to glide onto it. The desert titans minions started to attack “guard Renegade!” Yelled Lynx as they all formed a distant circle around Renegade, they where all on top of the desert titan. Renegade ran to the left side of the wing, just as he reached the corruption lightning came down from the sky, Renegade only barley managed to dodge it, it hit the corruption. The lightning started to come faster, Renegade only barley able to dodge it, just then, the ball of corruption exploded into tiny shards sand Ren ran to the other wing where there was more corruption. He did it again, the lightning struck, and struck, and struck, over and over, until the other ball of corruption exploded into shards. The desert titan roared, Ally yelled to Renegade as if she knew what exactly was going to happen next “Renegade! Find somewhere to grip! Hold on as tight as you can!”, Renegade listened he ran to the titans head and dug his claws into the top of the desert titans head. The desert titan roared again, as if the first where a warning to get off, all of a sudden the desert titan spun around, flinging Rorin, Lynx, and Ally off. Lynx managed to get Rorin on her back as they fell from the sky and Lynx landed on the ground, with Rorin on her back, neither of them taking any damage since Lynx was resistant to fall damage and Rorin never actually hit the ground since he was on Lynx’s back. Ally glided down also not taking any damage. Renegade stared at his friends from a top the desert titan which was still in the sky. A growl rumbled in Renegades throat, and as if the heavens where responding to his anger, he heard thunder, it could be heard everywhere. Renegade turned around and ran to the last ball of corruption. The biggest lightning bolt came down, showing the desert titans anger, and tried to strike Renegade, but instead, it hit the corruption. The desert titan roared for he last time as its minions fell to the ground, dead, and it fell out of the sky. The desert titan plummeted to the ground, Renegade still on top, a huge cloud of dust surrounded the desert titan as I fell to the ground, it felt like an earthquake. The dust did not settle down, Lynx, Rorin, and Ally creeped closer to the cloud surrounding the desert titan. He desert titan burst out of the cloud of dust and into the sky, and on top, Renegade, growled, the thunder followed, the whole ark could hear it, lightning crackled around the desert titan, Renegade roared and so did he desert titan, Lynx, Rorin, and Ally cheered.

Stay tuned for the battle against the ice titan!



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