Alright! Let’s get on with this!

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Alright! Let’s get on with this!

Ally’s Hope

Chapter 5

Ally was surrounded, no trees in sight, no way to escape, she would die, this was it, she knew she could not reason. The defense units surrounded her, inching closer. “Please! Please don’t hurt me!” Cried Ally, knowing they could not understand, the defense units payed no attention to her pleas. Ally let out a loud squawk in fright, she looked up to the sky, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I ran away! I’m sorry dad, mom, Silver...Lol, maybe, maybe one day I’ll see you in the afterlife!” Ally was starting to cry, she knew no one would help, but, she had a feeling, that she would not die, yet her fate death seemed inevitable. “Hello!? Who are you?” Called a shadowy figure from the distance “help! Help! Please help! They’re going to kill me!” Replied Ally. “Why should we bother with whoever that is?!” Growled another voice “I just have a feeling Rorin, Lynx knows what I mean” replied the first voice “yes! Let’s go!” Called a female voice. A broad figure jumped on top of a defense unit and clawed at its head, one with a bushy tail ran past two defense units and led them away, a thinner one ripped of a defense units legs. After only a few minutes the defense units where dead, Ally tried to fly, but as always failed, and went over and hugged one of the figures, wrapping her wings around it. The figure Ally was hugging nipped at her, Ally jumped back, “Rorin!” Yelled the broad one. The skinny figure came into the light “I’m very sorry for my friends actions, he is not very polite, I’m Renegade” said the skinny figure, “I’m Lynx!” Called the broad one as she jumped into the light, “the really grumpy one is Rorin” finished Lynx. “Lynx! How many times have I told you not to tell strangers who we are!? And Renegade! Why are you encouraging her!?” Yelled Rorin, coming into the light “normally I wouldn’t have, but I told you already, I have a feeling, so does Lynx, maybe you’ll have one one day” replied Renegade smoothly “same here! I’m not stupid! We just don’t tend to interact with anyone who I DONT get a feeling from, other than the tribes we’ve been involved in” hissed Lynx. “T-Thank you! F-for saving me, I-I know I wasn’t part of the conversation, but, but, I have a feeling about you guys too! Oh, and my names Ally” said Ally nervously but also excitedly “great! Another girl! I was getting tired of you two boys! Well, assuming you’ll stay with us” replied Lynx “stay with you?” Asked Ally, confused “oh, well there’s this prophecy-“, Lynx was cut off “what’s a prophecy?” Asked Ally “how about this, when we find some place safe, Renegade can explain all the prophecy nonsense to you” growled Rorin “okay!” Chirped Ally.

Btw Ally acts really young, but that’s because she hasn’t experienced as much as the others, they’re all ruffly the same age



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