Okay so um royalty dye is my new HQ!

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Okay so um royalty dye is my new HQ! Feel free to give me any feedback or give name suggestions, heck maybe I’ll even give shoutouts anyway here’s...

Lynx’s Tale

Chapter 4

Lynx slowly opened her eyes “where...where am I!?” Panicked Lynx, Lynx slowly got up and looked around, her memories came flooding back, Lynx remembered she was on the mountain and realized she was lucky nothing had tried to eat her while she was unconscious, but, non of that mattered right now she had to get out of this place and find her brother. First Lynx went back to where the trike hit her (for the second time) and looked for tracks and any fresh scents but all she found was a few tracks and stale scents so she did The best she could to follow them

When Lynx got to the end of the trail she found herself at the edge of the swamp, she looked into the swamp realizing she would never be able to track anything through that there wouldn’t be any tracks and the water would wash away the scent but also...her brother would never be able to survive in there on his own, heck, they would have had had a hard time going through the swamp together, Sadly Lynx assumed the worst, her brother was gone but then again maybe one day she’d find him. Right now Lynx’s best chance of survival was to find the order of the wild, that or she could try to build a home in unknown territory outside the redwoods...will she a young thyla be able to survive on her own?

Anyway, keep being weird



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