Alright so um I have nothing to say today so here’s...

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Alright so um I have nothing to say today so here’s...

Lynx’s Tale

Chapter 6

“Bow!” Hissed Foliage commandingly to Lynx and so Lynx bowed, not wanting to upset the order of the wild’s leader “Foliage, who is this?” Asked Zues “this is Lynx daughter of Rusty, she has come seeking our help” replied Foliage as she rose up from her bowing position (Lynx also got up from her bowing position) “ah, Rusty, a great warrior, retired, came back to sacrifice. Foliage, you may go” said Zues politely. Foliage turned and left the cave leaving Lynx and Zues alone, although, that weird bird thingy was still there “W-what do you mean sacrifice?” Stammered Lynx “I’m very sorry young Lynx but your father ,Rusty, was killed in battle, defending us from humans” said Zues with a sad expression on his face “no no this can’t be happening first dad, then mom, and lastly Flame. What am I going to do?!” Said Lynx, panicking “calm down Lynx, I could not help your father but I will help you, now, tell me what happened to the rest of your family” asked Zues gently “m-my family? Um well it all started a week after father left...”. After Lynx explained everything to Zues, Zues told her she was welcome to stay with the order of the wilderness and that they would keep a look out for Lynx’s mother and brother “thanks for letting me stay but first I have a couple of questions for you...first of all what is that weird glowing bird? And second of all where will I stay?” Asked Lynx finally taking in all that had happened in the last 2 days “well, the glowing bird is called a featherlight but it is not from this world, maybe later you can ask her about it, and to answer your second question you may stay with my mate and I, we live in a cave, down that tunnel to be exact” said Zues as he pointed to a tunnel in the side of the cave wall with his tail “thank you” said Lynx as she walked toward and down the tunnel.

Anyway I’m looking for names for Zues’s mate feel free to give me ideas in royalty dye

Stay weird



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