Hiiiiiii, sorry I posted chapter 2 twice on accident😅

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Hiiiiiii, sorry I posted chapter 2 twice on accident😅

Lynx’s Tale

Chapter 3

A chill ran down Lynx’s spine as she realized what she had just found and before she could take it all in the trike rammed its head into her head tossing her to the other side of the clearing. The hit brought Lynx back to her senses and she ran as fast as she could back to her cave to warn her mother and brother but when she turned her head to look back she saw 3 trikes with humans on her and 2 tamed t-rexs all coming for her, Lynx ran even faster at the sight of humans chasing her and once she got to the cave she yelled “Humans! Humans! Their attacking! Mom! Flame! We have to run before they get to us” a few seconds after Lynx called the warning her mother and brother shot out of the cave. Lynx’s mother made the most horrified face as she turned to face her and saw all the humans and their tames coming and when out of how where an argentavis swooped down and grabbed their mother “RUN!” Yelled their mother as the argent carried her off and so they listened Lynx ran toward the swamp with her brother on her heals when a trike slammed into Lynx throwing her to a mountain...the mountain...he mountain that you could find alpha raptors, alpha rexs, normal rexs and raptors, sabertooth, argents, and many other deadly things. The hit from the trike knocked Lynx out but just before she went unconscious she saw the humans and their tames turn towards Flame and start to shoot arrows at him with one yelling something she couldn’t quite understand...”Pear lo?? ??at ?o? ???! You killed it!”

Another cliffhanger :P


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