Hey guys it me again, WhiteWinterTiger and um I kinda…

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Hey guys it me again, WhiteWinterTiger and um I kinda forgot to name and the number this series so um I’m doing that now, enjoy!

Lynx’s Tale

Chapter 2

“I will come with you Shadow but first you must answer one question, how far are the humans from here?” Asked their father “ah don’t worry their on the other side of the forest at the moment” replied Shadow “but daddy you can’t go!” Cried Lynx “yeah! What if the humans find us?!” Added Flame “Hush children! Your father is going to go fight the humans so they WONT find us” said their mother turning away from her children to face her mate “promise me you’ll be safe?” “I promise my love” replied their father with a sigh as he turned around to follow Shadow into the forest

It had been a week since their father had left to go fight the humans and Lynx was finding it hard to concentrate, her mother was trying to teach her to hunt yesterday and she missed a whole dear! Either way right now it was her turn to hunt for her family, now she was going to focus.

Lynx was searching for something to hunt when she realized something was off about the forest today, the air was thick and heavy and smelt odd, the forest was quieter then usual, and she just had a feeling that something was wrong but ignored it and carried on trying to find something to hunt.

It took Lynx about an hour but she managed to find a scent trail and followed it, the scent trail ended up leading her to a phiomia but sadly she missed it. In the midst of trying to catch the phiomia she didn’t realize the air smelt even worse here and she decided to try and find out why it smelt so weird here, a scent never hurt anyone, right? It didn’t take Lynx long to follow the scent to the source and she followed it to a small clearing deep in the redwoods not far from her cave and the next thing she new she was face to face with a tamed triceratops!

Sorry for the cliffhanger


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