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Skullhelm's story part 4.

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Skullhelm's story part 4. Skullhelm the human and the new mesopithecus, named Cinder after his charcoal grey fur with a splash of reddish-orange were gathering the human's vegetable and berries the next morning, Skullhelm and Cinder were at a mejoberry bush picking the many small purple fruit, while the human was nearby with a citronal shrub. Cinder was just about to pick a particularly ripe berry when a pair of huge spiny claws bit out at him from nearby 'agh, help!' he screamed to Skullhelm, but she had problems of her own, fighting another swarm of ants, Cinder attacked the ants until their numbers started to decrease and their human soon came too, but it seemed the biting insects would never stop, then after about ten minutes fighting the ants a huge hairy monster with giant claws and a sticky tongue appeared and started catching the ants and slurping out their innards, leaving nothing but shattered exoskeletons lying around. (More in part 5)

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