Guns n’ Rexes

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Guns n’ Rexes

Chapter 7: No Pain, No Gain

The chap’s name was Chris. The black n’ blue microraptor on his shoulder was called Cyclone, which seemed pretty fittin’. First thing on our agenda was to get Chris geared up, so we did what any rational robber would do. We robbed someone.

“Don’t yall try no funny business.” Warned Jesse. He did most of the talking when we robbed people. We scoured their parasaurs and wolves for all that was hangin’ on their saddles- crystals, metals, exquisite meats- and then one that caught my eye.

“WAIT-“ One shouted as I reached over but when I spun round with the click of a cocked gun they seemed to quieten down real fast. They gestured that their hands were raised before sayin’ “Just… Be careful. They’re delicate.” I cautiously peered inside, seeing a cluster of… Eggs? But before I could take any, one of the wolves ran at me. Chris took it down with a knife and I shot dead their parasaurs as Jesse shot one of the two people held hostage. The other guy was really shaken up. I checked the eggs, but they were all crushed and destroyed.

“Look whatcha did ya moron!” Yelled Jesse as he hit the man with the handle of his gun. I asked him

“Where’d you get the eggs?” In a stone cold voice, not lookin’ at him.

“F-f-from th-the white ch-chalky c-cliffs!” With a distasteful look, Jesse spat out next to him.

“Ya disgust me.” He put a bullet in the guy’s cranium.

We reached the white cliffs like the man had told us about, and began searchin’. Wasn’t till dusk that we got our first hint of the nests. It was a bundle of sticks next to a big chalk rock, and it looked promising. We began to make our way over there. That’s when a blue, feathery raptor-lookin’ creature hit Chris, then a green one hit Jesse and I spun round to see a Red one pounce me off of Buck. I helf my arm up in defence, and with the other hand reached for my gun through the mess of claws and teeth, flipped the switch and unloaded my mag into that thing’s neck. Buck came in and headbutted its corpse off of me, and I hurredly got up to help the others but my eyes saw another one of those feathered demons, black as the night sky above me, standin’ between me and that nest about to charge. It rushed towards me, I grabbed a bullet and with shaken hands loaded it into the chamber, drew the gun and shot the bullet directly at its head. It flinched to the side so the bullet hit its thigh, stoppin’ it in its tracks as Buck rammed it over the cliff beside us. The dino sunk its claws into Buck as it fell, draggin’ him over with it. I rushed to the edge, only to see that raptor emerge from the two bodies and look me directly in the eye before vanishin’ into the caves. I turned round to see Cyclone hopping smugly over the corpse of the raptor that attacked them, and Jesse trotted over on Winchester. The only thing now was those eggs. 2 Eggs, and 2 people in need of a new mount. Rest in peace Buck, rest in peace. I won’t ever forget you.

-RIP Buck, last was in Pteranodon and next will be in compy.


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