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Acid the Dilo part 3

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Acid the Dilo part 3

Top long after I had tamed Acid I decided that it was time to venture out and explore past my little strip of beach that I called home. I had grown to like Acid but I half was expecting her to die to some known scary creature. After all, ark is filled with dangerous dinos. I wondered into the thick jungle that I had noticed the first time I woke up on my beach. I was nervous and on edge, jumping at every sound I heard. But Acid followed me faithfully doing her best to offer me some comfort. I was making my way around a random pit that was very annoyingly in my way when suddenly I heard a very familiar hiss. I had enough time to think โ€œOh No!โ€ Before I was mocked into the pit by a wild Dilo. The minute I hit the ground I was sprang upon by three more Dilos. Blinded and panicked I swung out at anything that got within range. But there were so many! Then, just before I died a notification came up on my screen. โ€œAcid killed a dilo.โ€ Then I died, but thatโ€™s not the end

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