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Draconis tales chapter 32

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Draconis tales chapter 32

Amethyst opened his bright magenta wings, dazzling the others, and flapped up into the canopy, using his tail and talons to swing between the branches like a mesopithecus, the other dragons, the glowtail and the wolf followed him on the ground. it was too tangled for a huge normal wyvern to fly, unlike crystal wyverns, which were much smaller and more agile.

After a while, he got to his egg-shaped house sculpted from mud and suspended high above the forest floor by a tree branch, brushing aside a curtain of vines, he crawled into the small round entrance, inside were many shelves and racks filled with various coloured-glass books, weapons, and lumps of rainbow crystal.

The rock drake and the wyvern were near the entrance, the managarmr and his wolf had to stay on the ground, being unable to climb or fly properly, "who are you?" Amethyst asked "I'm Bluefeathers, the black fire wyvern is Obsidian, the tiny lizard is Glowyrm, the managarmr down on the floor is Lupus, and the glowing wolf is... Wolf" The rock drake replied. "I'm Amethyst" he said "interesting, I've never seen a fire wyvern before, but other than the size and lack of crystals, they really do look just like crystal wyverns... I wonder if they're the closest other wyvern subspecies to crystal wyverns" "hmm... You have got a point, but then, the breath weapons of tropicals and bloods seem more poison wyvern like" Bluefeathers replied, "yes..."

"Anyway, back to the original topic.

First of all, we need to find the crystal wyvern queen, or your plan to get rid of her won't work. Any ideas?",

"Well, what do you know about crystal heirs that could be useful?" The rock drake asked. "They all seem to be part of a single hivemind, like giant bees, so the queen is probably the central consciousness. So that rules out catching one and getting it to tell us where she lives" he replied,

"Not necessarily" Bluefeathers said,

"what do you mean?" Amethyst replied.

"Well, if we managed to separate one from the hivemind, we could work out how to make a different hivemind and connect it to that to have it tell us" the rock drake explained, "that actually makes sense, all crystal wyverns have primal crystals, but queen wyverns have much larger ones, so that's probably how they control the hivemind" he replied.

"Which would mean, if we caught one, we could pluck out all its current primal crystals so it was out of the queen's hivemind. Then use one of yours to re-hivemind it" Bluefeathers said. "Seems like a good plan" Amethyst replied.

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