The Terrible Demise of Tortuga.

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga.

Chapter eight.

The next morning was about the same as the last. They ate breakfast then went to go ‘play’ with the other kids. “Hi guys!” Elizabeth said. She was talking with a boy they hadn’t met yet. “Who are you?” Jack asked. “Eric Swan, my parents are Nia Swan and Josh Swan.” He said. “Well, I’ll let you boys talk, I have to find Justin.” Elizabeth said. “I think he’s with Josephina and Jaquin but ok.” Emma said then walked off to talk with some girls who were age. Elizabeth skipped off, her long brown hair looking golden in the sunlight. Eric watched her go. He sighed dreamily. Jay and Jack watched Eric watch Elizabeth. Jack held out his hand and tapped Eric on the back, startling him. “How old is she?” Jack asked Eric. “I think she’s thirteen like me.” Eric said. “Exactly.” Jay said. Eric turned red. “Calm down Eric, there will be others.” Jay said.

Meanwhile Emma was talking with Emilia Bolton and a few other girls. “…yeah my family operates the lighthouse here for ships at sea.” Emilia said. “It’s a family tradition for the oldest child to take over the job so I get it. Yay!” She said sarcastically. “You don’t want to?” Rachelle asked. Emilia shook her head. “Nah, I hate this island. I wanna leave when I grow up.” Emilia said. “You gotta get a boat first though.” Olivia said matter of factly. “I guess… although…. I could just sneak on the next boat sailing away to another island.” Emilia said. They all laughed at this absurd notion. “You’de get caught. I’ve seen you try to sneak, you’re terrible at it.” Elizabeth said. “Would not!” Emilia protested. “Would too!” Elizabeth said. This continued till Emma interrupted them. “Okay guys break it up!” They reluctantly complied. “Why hello ladies.” Andrew said walking up. Though he addressed them all he was specifically looking at Emma. “Hi Andrew.” They said at the same time except Emma. “Hi Andrew.” Emma said shyly. Rachelle cleared her throat. “You know we’re not exactly adults yet.” Rachelle said. “So you don’t have to say ‘ladies’.” Andrew opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted. “But y’all might as well be.” A voice said. They turned to see the mayors’ sons. One of them stepped in front of Andrew and turned to Emma. “You must be the new girl. You look….” He struggled for a phrase. “…. uh…..uh…um……um….cute?” He grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I’m Michael, pleasure to meet you.” Michael said. Emma yanked her hand away from him. “Pleasure.” She said trying to keep the disgust off her face. “But I have to go check on my brothers.” She pushed past him and headed over to Jack and Jay who were talking with Eric and a few other boys.

“Did you know that there is a type of mushroom that is called a death cap?” Aaron Jr. asked. “Nope never heard of it.” Eric said. “Yeah there is, if you eat it it has this molecule that will kill your liver and kidneys. You’de be dead in five days unless you get a transplant.” Aaron Jr. said. They all gulped. “I’ll never eat wild mushrooms again.” Eric said then shuddered. Just then Emma walked up, with a disgusted look on her face. “What happened to you?” Jay inquired, noticing her disgusted face. “I just meet one of the mayors’ sons!” She whispered. “He kissed my hand! I almost threw up.” Jack and Jay cracked their knuckles in unison. “I’m going to wash my hands now, with LOTS of soap.” She said and ran off. Eric grimaced. “Those boys are just spoiled brats, just don’t tell them I said that, they’re the future mayors after all.” Eric said. “Nobody does that to OUR sister. NOBODY.” Jack said. “Plus they’re not even her age, they’re only seventeen.” Aaron Jr. said. “What?!!” Jack exclaimed. “And they’re going to be mayors soon?!”


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