Hey guys we have officially made it too chapter fifteen I hope you like it!

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Hey guys we have officially made it too chapter fifteen I hope you like it!

Hope’s Cry

Chapter Fifteen

The Gigantapithecus’s stormed the city taking every barrel of spice they could find. The animals watched in shock as the Gigantapithecus’s ran away with the spices. Then Buddy felt a long sharp pain in his chest. It felt like he had been stabbed through with a spear. His eyes went blurry and his feet felt weak. “Buddy are you okay?” Buddy heard Dawn ask as his vision went pitch black.

Buddy opened his eyes. He was laying on something comfy. Buddy stood up and saw that he was laying on a grey bed. He walked towards the door of the room. Buddy nudged it open and walked outside. He needed fresh air. Buddy sat down in front of the hole in the battlements. Maybe he could just sleep out here, maybe… “You okay brother?” Someone said. Buddy jerked up to see the squirrel sitting next too him. “Who are you?” Buddy asked. “Steve ‘loopy’ Buckleshoot, I don’t know why my friends made that nickname up, I don’t know what it means. I was one of the many lucky creatures chosen by Dr. John ‘Yang’ Cazador, too guard this wall from invaders!” The squirrel said bravely. “He volunteered.” Said a nearby Carnotaurus. “I did no—” Steve started too say but was interrupted by a Pink Mammoth walking by. “Lollipop! I have the perfect place too dine together!” Steve said while smoothing down his fur. The mammoth scoffed. “I don’t dine with loopy people!” Lollipop said. “Hey! That’s my nickname!” Steve said happily as he bounded after Lollipop. “What’s up with them?” Buddy asked the Carnotaurus. “Steve wants too marry Lollipop.” The Carnotaurus said disgusted. “Oh…” Buddy sighed. “CROSSBREEDING!” The Carnotaurus coughed. “You okay? I’m sure Mrs. Kong has a lozenge you can have.” Buddy asked concerned. “No I’m fine.” The Carnotaurus said. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before, you new here?” The Carnotaurus asked. “Yeah I guess I am new.” Buddy sighed. “My name is Cusco Acantilido. My parents always said I was destined for greatness. And falling off cliffs. I didn’t know what the Cliff thing meant ‘till I started studying Spanish. Anyway what’s your name?” The Carnotaurus asked. “My friends call me Buddy.” Buddy said blandly. “Buddy? Hmm… I’ve never heard that one before. Have you met Dr. Yang yet?” Cusco asked. “Not too my knowledge.” Buddy said. “I’ll take you too see him in the morning.” Cusco said. “Thanks… Mr. Acantilido.” Buddy said slowly.

That’s it for chapter fifteen! Next chapter in Carnotaurus!

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