The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter five.

“Can I ride Jay? Pls? Pretty pretty pls?” Jaquin begged. They were headed to ‘make friends’ and Jay (who was the favorite sibling to Josephina and Jaquin) was letting Josephina ride piggyback on him. “In a minute.” Jay said “You'll get you’re turn.” “But I want it now!” Jaquin complained. “You can ride on my back.” Jay volunteered. Jaquin frowned. “NO! I want to ride on JAY!!” He cried. Jack sighed and rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” Jack grunted. Jay let Josephina down and he hoisted Jaquin on him. “Yippee!” Jaquin said happily. Emma took her little sister’s hand. “You’re gonna break you’re back one day Jay.” She remarked, watching him. Jay shrugged. Finally they came to the town square were most the kids hung out when they weren’t doing school. The Petersons kids stood there awkwardly. “Well this os awkward.” Jack said. Jay smirked. “You think?” Emma straitened her back. “We’ll, let’s make it less awkward.” She said. Just then a small boy with brown hair and bright green eyes ran by clutching a teddy squirrel to his chest. He came to a abrupt halt in front of them. “Who are you?” He asked. A girl about Jack and Jay’s age(maybe a bit younger) ran up “Justin! No need to be rude!” She scolded. She turned to them and stuck out her hand politely for them to shake. “Hi, I’m Elizabeth Bickleshoot, and that (she motioned to her brother) is my brother Justin Buckleshoot.” Justin waved. Jay let Jaquin slide from his back. “This is Steve!” Justin said holding the squirrel out for them to look at. Emma and the boys nodded politely. “Wait, so you’re father is Aaron Buckleshoot.” Jack asked. Elizabeth laughed. “No silly, he’s my GRANDFATHER.” Jack turned red. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “You want me to show y’all around?” Elizabeth asked. They nodded. Josephina and Jaquin went of to play with Justin who was their age while Elizabeth introduced Emma, Jack and Jay to the other older kids. First she introduced them to a tall boy with sandy brown hair and brown eyes. “Hi I’m Andrew Rodrigaz.” He said, shaking their hands. Emma, Jack and Jay told him their names. “I’m nineteen.” Andrew said. “Like we need to know that.” Jay muttered rather loudly. Andrew blushed. Emma glared at them. “WELL, some people are informative.” Emma said. “BE NICE, we’re making friends.” She then turned to Andrew and smiled. “Nice. So am I!” She said. Andrew smiled. Emma blushed. Jack cleared his throat. “You know she is ONLY nineteen.” Jack said. Now it was Andrew who blushed. After that Elizabeth introduced them to her cousins Aaron Jr. and Olivia, a girl named Emilia Bolton, and Rachelle Cobraz who was the daughter of one of the peacekeepers.

Sorry to end it on that note next chapter coming soon!


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