The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter twenty three.

Over the next days Emma hung out with Andrew most of the time. “Honestly, it’s like we don’t have a sister anymore.” Jack told Eric. They had just finished school for today and as always they were hanging out in the town square. ((I guess I shouldn’t use the term “hanging” since the hanging booth is in the two square. LOL) They looked over toward Emma and Andrew. Andrew said something they couldn’t hear and Emma laughed. She tucked a lock of her dark red hair behind her ear then said something in reply. Then she laughed again. “Ugh.” Jay said. “I can’t bear to watch this.” “Right Eric?” Jay asked. No reply. “Uh Eric?” The twins looked at Eric. Eric was not even paying attention to them he was staring a Elizabeth with his mouth hanging open slightly. Jack whistled. “Heelllooo? Earth to Eric?” Jack said. Eric looked up startled. “Let me guess, you weren’t even listening.” Jay said. “Um I was-I mean… no I wasn’t.” Eric replied blushing. “Never mind. I mean look at them, Emma’s so obsessed with him. She’s barely at home anymore because she’s always with… him.” Jack said.

Emma stood right next to the school house talking to Andrew. Andrew leaned against the schoolhouse. “So Emma, I know this is a little early but I was wondering…do you wanna go out with me? To dinner that is.” Andrew asked nervously. Emma smiled, but didn’t say anything bc she was speechless. Andrew took this for a no. “Sorry…um..I wasn’t trying to rush anything or…I’m sorry I just..” “Wait, wait, wait, no! I mean yes! Yes I wanna go with you!” Emma said. Andrews face brightened. “Oh I thought you meant no!” He said. Emma laughed and shook her head. “I would love to go with you to dinner.” She said. “We’ll it’s gonna have to be a very early dinner because we don’t want to get caught before lights out. I know a great place we’ll just need to bring food…” He trailed off because three people walked up. It was Michael but this time he had brought reinforcements. His brothers Mike and Mickie. “Hi Emma, darling.” Michael said once again ignoring Andrew. “Seeing as you don’t have any plans tonight, what would u say if me and you went on a date? Huh? I’ve got a REAL fancy place for dinner. In fact it’s at our manor!” Michael asked. “Actually… I do have plans for tonight…” Emma began but Michael interrupted her. “But you’re willing to cancel them? Oh how sweet! Perfect! We’ll have dinner and guess what? You don’t have to bother with being late after lights out because I’m the mayor!” Michael exclaimed. Andrew’s face darkened with anger at Michael.

Next chapter coming up soon. Thank you guys for y’all support!


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