The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Chapter one: The twisting of fates.

-By SunnyFox57

In, “The Terrible Demise Of Tortuga” Chapter 21:

Jack and Jay watched as people danced in the ball room. Music played loudly over the speakers. “Look at mom and dad.” Jay said. Jack looked away from Eric and Elizabeth who were dancing together (although neither of them were good at it) toward their parents.

Arianna wore a long green dress and Aragorn wore a black suit. “Look at dad. I bet he would be a good sword fighter, he dances so well.” Jay observed in a low voice to Jack. “Yeah…look at Michael. He is MAD.” Jack said.

Michael was glaring at Andrew from across the room. “Serves that creepazoid right.” Jay said. They both laughed. Suddenly the ground shook and the building quaked.

The room began to distort before their eyes and a high pitched sound rang through the air. The dancing in the ballroom came to a halt. Jack and Jay covered their ears. “What is going on?!?!” Jack cried. “Something weird is happening!” Jay could barely hear him over the high pitched ringing. “What?!” He asked.

A swirling, dark, cloud like a tornado suddenly appeared and began to pull Jack and Jay in. Emma flew past them, screaming as she was sucked into it. “Emma!” Andrew cried. Then Aragorn and Arianna flew past them as well. Then Jack was sucked in. “HELP ME!” He cried.

Before Jay was sucked in he caught a glance of Josephina and Jaquin. “Mommy! Daddy! Come back Mommy! Come back daddy!” Jaquin wailed. “Where are you going?!” Josephina cried. Then Jay disappeared into the black hole. They swirled and twisted around inside the giant black tornado and tried not to throw up.

Finally they hit the ground hard and it took a while for them to catch their breath and get to their feet. “Ugh I think I bruised my head.” Jay groaned. “Ugh my hair is all messed up!” Emma exclaimed. She tried to brush her hair with her fingers back into neatness. They were at the mayor’s house. Except it was empty. There was no one there and the building seemed older and looked like it could fall apart at the drop of a needle. “WHERE ARE WE?!?” Jack exclaimed.

Arianna put her hand on his shoulder. “Honey, there’s no need to shout. We can hear you now. ” She said. Jack blushed and ran his hands through his hair nervously. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Todo.” Jay joked, repeating a line he’d read from a book once. Jack smirked and Aragorn snorted with amusement. Arianna shot a look at her husband. Aragorn cleared his throat and tried to maintain a serious expression.

“We should probably get out of this building. It looks like it’s about to fall apart.” Emma remarked. “I agree.” Jay said. “Plus there’s a lot of dust and I think I’m allergic to it.” They walked out of the building to see a world beyond imagination. Some buildings were old , like they were in Tortuga, but others were newer models that the Petersons had never seen before. People wandered around wearing new and old fashioned clothes. None of them looked remotely familiar. The city was very strange as well, it wasn’t a island. It looked more like a continent. Animals wandered around, squeaking and growling and some….some were talking. A floating mansion was in the middle of the city, a staircase led up to it.

“Curiouser and curiouser.” Jay muttered. Arianna gave him a stern look. “All right, enough book quotes, young man.” She said. Jay and Jack snickered quietly, as Arianna turned away.

“Do you think we’re here because of…Him?” Arianna asked in a low voice to Aragorn. He shook his head. “No. There’s no way Thomas could pull of something like this.” Emma stared off toward the floating mansion. “There’s something about that mansion….I feel so drawn to it.” She said. “Me too.” Jack and Jay said at the same time. The twins exchanged amused looks.

“Let’s go check it out.” Arianna said. Aragorn fingered his medallion. “I don’t know…” He began. Behind him, his shadow fidgeted slightly. “Ja-Aragorn. Come on! We might get answers about why we’re here!” Arianna said. She squeezed his hand gently. Aragorn gave a exaggerated sigh. “Fine.”

They began to walk toward it. Jack was so busy staring at the mansion that he almost stepped on a jerboa. “Hey! Watch it big feet!” The jerboa squeaked loudly. Jack blinked. “Sorry?” He said. The jerboa scowled. “You better be!” It waltzed off to three more jerboas, with a angry look on its face. Jack blinked.

“This place is weird. I wonder where Andrew is.” Emma wondered, smoothing her aquamarine dress. Jack and Jay rolled their eyes. “I’m sure your boyfriend is fine. Come on! Let’s go!” Jay said. Emma’s face blushed crimson red and she glared at him.

Arianna smiled at her husband. Aragorn sighed. All around them animals and people were being drawn to the mysterious floating house. “What is going on?” Aragorn muttered under his breath as they headed to the mansion.

They were about to find out….

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