. . . Inevitability (Ep7) They were about to crawl…

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Inevitability (Ep7)

They were about to crawl through the window, when realization seeped into Eden's mind. "We need to free the prisoners..." he suggested, grabbing the man's gun.

Reaper silently cussed.

He was right, they couldn't just leave the others.

The same soldiers from earlier opened the door, which was unlocked.

Eden pointed the gun at them with slight hesitation. They put their hands up, but Reaper wrestled the gun out of Eden's hand, and shot them both. They fell on the ground, being killed immediately. "I had to...they'd be too much trouble, we need to hurry." Reaper said as they walked out. Eden stopped and leaned over a body. He thought he'd gotten used to it, but something about this was different. Maybe it was that they were unarmed...or maybe it was that they so desperately didn't want to die.

"Come on." Whispered Reaper, motioning down to hall.

They opened the door to the prison room, and someone tackled Reaper. He threw the gun and Eden caught it, firing three times. Reaper pushed the body off, now covered in his own blood, and someone else's. "Thanks. Now let's free these people and go."

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