Dodo tales (S1 Ep2)

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Dodo tales (S1 Ep2)

Like for more, BTW Ep1 was in the snail thingy section. Anyway.....

The next few minutes went by in a flash. He walked up to find out what had made the noise, and saw a very dangerous looking creature, that was most definitely not a herbivore. Before he knew it, three more walked out into the open. He ran but snapped a large twig and panicked. They were coming and he knew it, he grabbed his little bird and ran for his life. He didn't dare to look back, he just ran as fast as he could. He realized they hadn't caught up yet, so he hid behind a rock. As they ran past him one by one, he noticed a big black spider crawling down his arm. He let out a muffled scream, it was quiet, but still loud enough. The creatures turned their heads, and cornered him. Eventually, they got so close that he could feel their hot breath. One snapped at him but just then, a spear lodged deep into its skull spraying warm red blood all over.

He heard it cry as it fell to the ground...

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