Dodo Tales (Ep25 S1)

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Dodo Tales (Ep25 S1)

Jerry looked back, and tried to get the bola off of Eden, but to no avail. The man came closer and Jerry asked "who are you?"

He lifted his pike to finish Eden, but Jerry pushed him back with all his strength. He threw Jerry off of him, and he hit the arena wall and felt dizzy. "I AM FENRIR, FUTURE RULER OF THIS ARK, AND NO FOOLS SHALL EVER CHANGE THAT!" He boomed, as he drove the pike through Eden. Jerry couldn't take it anymore. He knocked Fenrir over on his back, and tried to get the pike out of his hands. He stood up and spun the pike in a circle, it flipped Jerry on his side so hard that he thought he had broken a bone. Obviously, everyone thought Jerry was dead. He crawled towards Eden. "Tell me you can make it" Jerry whispered

"Promise me you'll be alright" Eden coughed up blood and said weakly "only you can save the Ark now. Take this, it's all I can do for you now" he handed Jerry something and collapsed. his lifeless eyes still staring into Jerry's...

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