Dodo Tales (S1 Ep27) The Season Finale

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Dodo Tales (S1 Ep27) The Season Finale

Jerry fell to his knees and cried. He had watched that same sun go down last night with Eden. Rick held his wound and Ares patted Jerry on the back "listen" he said "whatever happens, whatever problems we face, we'll be together. I'd rather die than let Fenrir take control of this Ark" Jerry stood up. He couldn't let the same person who killed his friend ever get what he wanted, so he looked up at the sunset and the others did too. Only then did Jerry open his hand to see what Eden had handed him. It looked like something of legend. Ares gasped "An Artifact! We need to dispose of it, because Fenrir will follow us"

"He'll follow us anyway" said Jerry. Looking off into the sky, thinking about Eden.

"Only you can save this Ark now" he heard Eden's final words loud and clear.

And for the first time, Jerry knew he had a purpose. To save his home.

-The End of Season one

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