Dodo Tales (S2 (Ep13)

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Dodo Tales (S2 (Ep13)

"All I need to fight now is the brood mother and then the overseer" said sergeant.

"Then what?" Said Jerry

"Well I suppose that I'll go home, Or at least get my memories back."

"What about us?"

"Only a limited amount of people can come to the fight, therefore only so many can be rewarded...There'll be enough space for you all!"

"What about your soldiers?

"They love life here, especially since we restored the peace."

* * * * * * * * *

Two weeks later they had defeated the brood mother, and were ready to fight the overseer.

"This is it" said Rick as they entered the arena. "It's almost over"

"Soon we'll know why we're here"

They fought hard along with a couple rexes, until they had the overseer so low that he a Dodo could kill him, and that's what happened:

"Ready?" Jerry told his Dodo.

He threw it in the air, and it felt like everything was in slow motion.

His Dodo pecked once, and it was over...

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