Dodo tales (Ep9 S1) did anyone expect what happened in Ep8?

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Dodo tales (Ep9 S1) did anyone expect what happened in Ep8? It was pretty dark, but important for the story.

When Rick fell asleep (which took like 2 minutes) Jerry ran out of the house, And started walking, well it was more of limping.

He kept walking until he found a cave, and it looked like someone lived in it, It even had a door. He decided that he would go in, because it could be owned by a medic. The entrance was dark, with candles as the only light source, and there was a clean red carpet covering the entire floor. There were pictures on the wall of men who he had never seen before. The house looked like the setting of a horror movie. Finally, he came to a room with the door slightly open, he peeked through and, to his surprise, he saw a man talking. He sounded angry, and he didn't look like a medic. Then, he saw him, his Dodo! He wanted to tell the man it was his, when he realized that only meant one thing:

The Raptors weren't wild.....

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