Dodo tales (Ep10 S1) we've reached episode 10!

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Dodo tales (Ep10 S1) we've reached episode 10! This is a big milestone for me. Also don't forget to check the Crystal Wyvern section, because a Yuty's quest person just started writing there.

Jerry turned around to see a Raptor staring back at him, it pounced and killed him. The end

😂 just kidding. He ran for his life, out of the cave, and towards the house. He ran so fast that he tripped over a log, and collapsed on the ground. When he awoke, he was in bed. "It was just a bad dream" he thought, but then he realized it wasn't Rick's house, or the cave. He managed to lift his head and look around, he felt like he had just run a marathon, before getting stung by 100s of bees. He lowered his head and tried to fall asleep again, but he felt like he was being watched. He opened his eyes and saw a tall man wearing green robes leaning against the wall holding a cup of what must have been tea. "who...are you?" Jerry managed to ask....

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