Dodo Tales (Ep23 S1) crystal lands person, i love your…

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Dodo Tales (Ep23 S1) crystal lands person, i love your series, (I haven't read wings of Fire, so I don't get the references) you inspired me, even though my stories are very different.

"I want to go home! I miss sitting in my shack peacefully, and drinking tea." Eden said, obviously exaggerating his British Accent. Large doors opened, and they heard a growling sound. The crowd cheered. "Let the battle commence!" Yelled a man in a golden seat. Jerry recognized the voice. "It's their leader, the one who caught us" he said to the others. The gaurds handed them pikes and flak armor and ran. With a crash, the beast ran out into the open. "He's a juvenile Giga" Ares said "we don't stand a chance!" It roared at them. "run for it!!!" Screamed Rick. "We'll be safe beyond the doors!" They ran, sweat pouring down their faces. Surprisingly, Eden was the fastest. He slid under the Giga, got up and ran. it ignored him. Ares and Jerry were next. they made it. Rick however, was not so lucky...

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