Dodo tales (Ep8 S1)

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Dodo tales (Ep8 S1)

Don't worry about the guy who's comment you keep disliking, I DON'T take what he says as an insult.

Jerry woke up and immediately felt pain in every part of his body. He moaned on the floor until Rick came in the room.

"You alright? Don't worry, we're safe now. They left" Rick said

Jerry knew they were upstairs, where even allos couldn't get to them. "We need a medic. sadly, I know nothing about that kind of stuff." Rick said.

"It's all my fault. I Wanted to tame a Rex, I didn't think....I didn't think people would get hurt."

"I'll go look for a medic" said Jerry

"No way, you're staying here. You're injured"

"Do you drink coffee?" Asked Jerry, who was coming up with a plan.

"What? Of course I drink coffee"

"Do you want me to make you some?"

"I guess"

Jerry went downstairs, and started making coffee. He felt bad, when he poured it into a cup. He felt bad when he put narcotics into it. But he couldn't let Rick die, so he kept going.....

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