Dodo tales (S1 Ep5)

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Dodo tales (S1 Ep5)

Thanks for being patient, I was waiting for name suggestions.

Final names:

Main Character:Jerry

Secondary main Character:Rick

Jerry (the main character) wanted to get off those pillars more than anything, but his friend had saved his life, so he stayed put.

He could hear something massive slowly approaching, he asked "was this supposed to happen" and the man reassured him that all was fine. Soon he saw a giant head starting to come out of the trees. For a moment, everything fell silent, and then the creature roared, as it ran out into the open. It snapped at Jerry as he slid down the pillars and ran for his life. What he heard his friend say terrified him, "wait, that's not a Rex, it's an allo, and they only come in packs...."

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